Greener Cities, Healthier Lives

Listen to PowerLab Co-Director Prof Astell-Burt as he features as Keynote at the UN/FAO’s 3rd Asia Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting ‘Healthy Cities’ panel.


‘A Walk In The Park’ with Gil featuring Prof Cecil Konijnendijk, cited our work on tree canopy and health in this video in support of the ‘3-30-300 Rule’ for urban greening.


Prof Astell-Burt invited by NSW DPIE to speak at the World Urban Parks Congress.

Watch Prof Astell-Burt from 20:45mins.


Climate Change and Health - Panel Discussion: GCCW 2021

This panel session focused on opportunities for action on climate in curricula and research.

Associate Professor Rowena Ivers (Community Based Health Education) hosted the session with panelists including students and academics, featuring guest speaker Professor Thomas Astell-Burt, PowerLab Director, School of Health and Society. View Thomas speaking at 45:40min


Sustainability Impacts in our Region - GCCW 2021

Hosted by Prof Jennifer L Martin, in this fast-paced session we hear from a wide range of climate impact warriors and negotiators from our region, including Professor Thomas Astell-Burt - Director of UOW PowerLab. Thomas features from 11:34min


PowerLab Co-Directors A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng and Prof Thomas Astell-Burt make invited presentations with the Greater Sydney Landcare Network and share their fascinating research findings into the mental health and wellbeing benefits of green space in our neighbourhoods, particularly tree canopy cover


Leveability in Australia_Executive Insights_08092021.mp4

PowerLab Co-Director Thomas Astell-Burt presents virtually at PLACESCORE: Liveability in Australia: Executive Insights. Thomas features from 46mins


RUPH webinar: City Resilience, Climate Change and Population Health. Webinar moderator Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng, UNSW.


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Apr 21, 2021

MARCO MARTUZZI & XIAOQI FENG - Career and Research Talks

Nov 29, 2020


Oct 9, 2020

Natural Environments and Mental Health

Sep 30, 2020

IACA Forum 2020: "Parklife" by Prof. Thomas Astell-Burt

Mar 2, 2020

Professor Thomas Astell-Burt - a UOW Big Ideas Festival speaker

Oct 25, 2019

Xiaoqi Feng Parks and Leisure 2019 award Video 720p.mp4

Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng, Founding Co-Director of PowerLab at School of Health and Society, has been awarded the Research Award for NSW/ACT Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence. View the project video here.

1 November 2019

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