ABC RN interview XFeng 07092023 nature prescriptions.m4v

03.09.2023 Professor Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed by Rose Kerr on ABC Radio National. Broadcast Sun 3 Sep 2023 at 7:00am. 

"Nature prescriptions — just what the doctor ordered. Nature is good for our wellbeing. But how much green space does a community need, before you can see a wellbeing boost? And how do we encourage people to spend more time outdoors?” 

Also listen online at ABC Listen

UNFAO 2023 Webinar TAstell-Burt 20230711.mp4

11.07.2023 Professor Thomas Astell-Burt Keynote at 2nd WFUF - Pre-forum Webinar on Health and Green Spaces. Professor Astell-Burt provides an overview of his latest research on the links between green spaces and human health. 

ABC Radio National Prof Xiaoqi Feng 19.04.2023.mp4

19.04.2023 ABC Radio National with interview with Professor Xiaoqi Feng and Hilary Harper. 

Program 'Life Matters -Spending more time in nature, on doctor's orders'

#TheProjectTV #MentalHealth #NaturePrescriptions #PANDAtrial 

Rise In Nature Prescriptions, The Personalised Healthcare Plans To Spend More Time Outside - Pharmaceuticals have become a common treatment for mental health illnesses, but now more people are turning to nature prescriptions, as research shows the great outdoors is one of the best things for you.

10.04.2023 The Project TV on Channel Ten Interview with Professor Xiaoqi Feng. 

The Project XF PANDA 10.04.2023.mp4
ABC Drive Radio Mary Gearin XF PANDA 20230410.mp4

10.04.2023 ABC Radio Drive with Mary Gearin  and Professor Xiaoqi Feng, discussing Nature Prescriptions and the PANDA Trial 

PANDA ABC Radio Mornings Sarah XF.mp4

04.04.2023 ABC Sydney Mornings Radio Interview with Sarah MacDonald and Professor Feng - Discussing Nature Prescriptions and the PANDA Trial

The Green Desk 95bFM XF 05.04.2023.mp4

05.04.2023 The Green Desk: Prescribing nature with Professor Xiaoqi Feng. April 5, 2023. Radio interview on 95bfm.

1news TVNZ PANDA.mp4

04.04.2023 1 news TV NZ "Take a walk not a pill - nature prescriptions on the rise". featues The PANDA Trial and discusses Nature Prescriptions.

Loneliness UK_Thomas Astell-Burt.mp4

02.2023 Professor Thomas Astell-Burt. Keynote Panelist at the Campaign to End Loneliness 2023 International Conference 

APAC Network Interview XFeng.mp4

08.2022 Professor Feng is interviewed on the APAC Network  - "How cities affect our health" 

20.01.2023 Professor Feng_James Valentine on ABC Radio.mp4

20.01.2023 Professor Feng speaks with James Valentine on ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast with James Valentine.

Eastside Radio Xiaoqi Feng 20230112.mp4

12.01.2023 Professor Feng talks about her research and latest publications in an interview with Eastside Radio 89.7FM 

ABC News Xiaoqi Feng 12.12.2022.mp4

12.12.2022 ABC Interview with Professor Xiaoqi Feng on the new Urban Forest Strategy by City of Sydney, featuring PowerLab Co-Directors research

ABC Radio SE Xiaoqi Feng 20220914.mp4

14.09.2022 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed on ABC Radio South East. Xiao discussed the CVMM Study.

ABC Perth radio XF 23082022 .mp4

23.08.2022 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed on ABC Perth Radio

Radio Adelaide XF 20220818.mp4

18.08.2022 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed on Radio Adelaide 

Callan Park interview XFeng 18.07.2022.mp4

18.07.2022 Callan Park interview with A/Professor Xiaoqi Feng. Full episode can be found at Inner West Icons, #5 Callan Park - the green asylum

01.07.2022 Thomas presents at Connect & Share #102 hosted by Outdoors NSW & ACT.  

ISEE AWPC 2022_Xiaoqi Feng.mp4

21.06.22 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng Keynote for Plenary Session: "Changing Environment and Health" 

At ISEE-AWPC & ISEE-AC joint Conference

ISEE AWPC 2022 TAstell-Burt.mp4

21.06.2022 Prof Prof Thomas Astell-Burt Invited Speaker: “Have we reached peak-greenness? Green space and health research in the “big data” era” 

At ISEE-AWPC & ISEE-AC joint Conference

Geospatial Mapping for Public Health vFull 08.06.2022.mp4

08.06.2022 Geospatial Mapping for Public Health Webinar
FULL WEBINAR - A/Prof Feng begins her presentation at 15:20min

Geospatial Mapping for Public Health vCrop 08.06.22 2.mp4

08.06.2022 Geospatial Mapping for Public Health Webinar. DIRECT start with A/Prof Feng and followed by Professor Astell-Burt.

Invited talk for Prof Thomas Astell-Burt at WFCKorea

On 5th May 2022 Professor Astell-Burt gave an engaging invited talk at the XV World Forestry Congress 2022. Thomas spoke for ~6 minutes on loneliness, more green time, tree canopy and the associated health benefits of increasing visitations to green space. 

XFeng ABC Canberra Interview_2022.05.04.mp4

05.05.2022 A/Professor Xiaoqi Feng spoke on ABC Radio Canberra with Georgia Stynes, on how nature promotes our health.

Greener Cities, Healthier Lives

Listen to PowerLab Co-Director Prof Astell-Burt as he features as Keynote at the UN/FAO’s 3rd Asia Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting ‘Healthy Cities’ panel. 


‘A Walk In The Park’ with Gil featuring Prof Cecil Konijnendijk, cited our work on tree canopy and health in this video in support of the ‘3-30-300 Rule’ for urban greening.


Prof Astell-Burt invited by NSW DPIE to speak at the World Urban Parks Congress.

Watch Prof Astell-Burt from 20:45mins.


Sustainability Impacts in our Region - GCCW 2021

Hosted by Prof Jennifer L Martin, in this fast-paced session we hear from a wide range of climate impact warriors and negotiators from our region, including Professor Thomas Astell-Burt - Director of UOW PowerLab. Thomas features from 11:34min


Climate Change and Health - Panel Discussion: GCCW 2021

 This panel session focused on opportunities for action on climate in curricula and research.

Associate Professor Rowena Ivers (Community Based Health Education) hosted the session with panelists including students and academics, featuring guest speaker Professor Thomas Astell-Burt, PowerLab Director, School of Health and Society. View Thomas speaking at 45:40min


PowerLab Co-Directors A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng and Prof Thomas Astell-Burt make invited presentations with the Greater Sydney Landcare Network and share their fascinating research findings into the mental health and wellbeing benefits of green space in our neighbourhoods, particularly tree canopy cover 


Leveability in Australia_Executive Insights_08092021.mp4

PowerLab Co-Director Thomas Astell-Burt presents virtually at PLACESCORE: Liveability in Australia: Executive Insights. Thomas features from 46mins


RUPH webinar: City Resilience, Climate Change and Population Health. Webinar moderator Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng, UNSW.


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Natural Environments and Mental Health

Sep 30, 2020

IACA Forum 2020: "Parklife" by Prof. Thomas Astell-Burt

Mar 2, 2020

Professor Thomas Astell-Burt - a UOW Big Ideas Festival speaker

Oct 25, 2019

Xiaoqi Feng Parks and Leisure 2019 award Video 720p.mp4

Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng, Founding Co-Director of PowerLab at School of Health and Society, has been awarded the Research Award for NSW/ACT Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence.  View the project video here.   

1 November 2019

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