POWERful Ideas!

A symposium to celebrate PowerLab PhD research

FRIDAY 13th December 2019, held at the Innovation Campus, North Wollongong

The POWERful Ideas symposium was held to gather and present the latest research being conducted by PowerLab’s PhD candidates. Their research spans topics of Prosocial Behaviour, Uban Green Spaces effects on our elderly, pre-natal mothers and ethnic groups. Diabetes and technology use are areas also under investigation in these research areas that impact our daily lives.

The day consisted of an Introduction from Prof Thomas Astell-Burt (PowerLab, UOW) on Parklife – Our Green Space Research and Impacts. The Keynote was presented by Prof Richard Fuller (University of Queensland) on Nature Orientation and Biodiversity in Cities.

Further PhD candidate presentations were given by Selin Akaraci: Exploring Potential Influence of Green Spaces on Birth Weight; Shumirai Mushangwe: Ethnicity and Urban Greenspace: Is the difference in greenspace availability contributing to ethnic inequalities in health?; Tashi Dendup: The role of the neighbourhood built environment in type 2 diabetes prevention; Eme John: Greenspace and Healthy Ageing: Does Nature Relatedness Explain The Relationship?; Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz: How to make sure diabetes app aren’t a waste of time; Faysal Shuvo: Role of urban green spaces (UGS) on social and active ageing in contrasting geographical settings?; and Edi Putra: Prosocial behaviour: A missing piece to the puzzle of green space and child health-related outcomes?

Other special guests included, A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng, Prof Glen Maberly, Prof Len Arnolda, Dr Thomas Suesse, Dr Pauline O'Shaughnessy, A/Prof Ping Yu, Dr Stewart Vella, Dr Dylan Cliff , Prof Bin Jalaludin and Dr Chris Brennan-Horley

Lunch was held following the Powerful Ideas symposium at North Beach Pavilion Restaurant, Wollongong.