Journal Club

PowerLab Journal Club meetings are for HDR students and presented by HDR Students. Here are some of the papers we have discussed since its inauguration in 2017.

As we find ourselves working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic we have continued to connect with each other online and participate in our Journal Club via Zoom. Discussing these papers helps our HDR students critically analyse and evaluate recent articles from our research field, gaining them skills for their own journal paper writing.


Presenter Shumirai Muhsangwe

Paper: Caitlin A. Selway, Jacob G. Mills, Philip Weinstein, Chris Skelly, Sudesh Yadav, Andrew Lowe, Martin F. Breed, Laura S. Weyrich. Transfer of environmental microbes to the skin and respiratory tract of humans after urban green space exposure. Environment International, Volume 145, 2020, 106084, ISSN 0160-4120,


Presenter Shumirai Muhsangwe

Paper: Shumirai Mushangwe, Thomas Astell-Burt, David Steel, Xiaoqi Feng,

Ethnic inequalities in green space availability: Evidence from Australia,

Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. Volume 64, 2021, 127235, ISSN 1618-8667,


Presenter Shumirai Muhsangwe

Paper: Jason G. Su, Payam Dadvand, Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen, Xavier Bartoll, Michael Jerrett. Associations of green space metrics with health and behavior outcomes at different buffer sizes and remote sensing sensor resolutions. Environment International, Volume 126, 2019. Pages 162-170. ISSN 0160-4120.


Presenter Edi Putra

Paper: Schroeder, K., Day, S., Konty, K. et al. The impact of change in neighborhood poverty on BMI trajectory of 37,544 New York City youth: a longitudinal study. BMC Public Health 20, 1676 (2020).


Presenter Eme John

Paper: Domains and Measurements of Healthy Aging in Epidemiological Studies: A Review.

Wentian Lu, MSc,* Hynek Pikhart, PhD, and Amanda Sacker, PhD


Presenter Michael Navakatikyan

Paper: Behavioural change, weight loss and risk of dementia: A longitudinal study

Thomas Astell-Burt a,c,d,e,*, Michael A. Navakatikyan a, Xiaoqi Feng a,b,c,d


Presenter Thomas Astell-Burt

Paper: S&SR Environment and Spaces Group. Change in use of green and open space following COVID-19 lockdown ‘stay at home’ phase and initial easing of lockdown.


Presenter Shumi Mushangwe. Chair Edi Putra. Paper: Wolch et al. 2014. Focus: Urban green space, public health, & environmental justice. Landscape and Urban Planning. 125, 234-244


Presenter Selin Akaraci. Chair Shumi Mushangwe. Paper: Vilcins et al. 2020. Focus: Tree cover, foliage, biodiversity & birthweight. Sci Total Environ. 143051.


Presenter Eme John. Chair Selin Akaraci. Paper: Wang et al. 2017. Focus: Green space, age & in mortality in Hong Kong Chinese. BMJ Open. e015794


Presenter Edi Putra. Chair Eme John. Paper: Adams et al. 2013. Focus: Neighborhood environment & physical activity. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 10, 34.


Presenter Shumi Mushangwe. Chair Edi Putra. Paper: Egerer et al. 2019. Focus: Multicultural gardeners, park users & urban nature. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. Volume 46. 126445.


Presenter Selin Akaraci. Chair Shumi Mushangwe. Paper: Gubbels et al. 2016. Focus: Greenery, activity & mental health in deprived neighborhoods. Health & Place. 40, 153-160.


Presenter Eme John. Chair Selin Akaraci. Paper: Triebner et al. 2019. Focus: Residential greenspace & menopause. Environment International. 132. 201.105088


Presenter Edi Putra. Chair Eme John. Paper: Hogendorf et al. 2020. Focus: Effects of urban green space on walking and cycling. Health & Place. 61. 102264


Presenter Tashi Dendup. Chair Edi Putra. Paper: Finlay et al. 2020. Retail food environments & cognitive health. Health & Place. 64. 102379


Presenter Selin Akaraci. Chair Tashi Dendup. Paper: Van Dongen et al. 2019. Focus: Virtual urban greenscape designs. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. 44. 126435.


Presenter Shumi Mushangwe. Chair Selin Akaraci. Paper: Reid et al. 2018. Focus: NDVI datasets, neighborhood types & greenness. Health & Place. 54, 92-101.


Presenter Eme John. Chair Shumi Mushangwe. Paper: Leong et al. 2014. Focus: Nature connectedness & cognitive styles. J Environ Psychol. 40, 57-63.


Presenter Edi Putra. Chair Eme John. Paper: van den Berg et al. 2019. Focus: Physical Activity, Social Cohesion, Loneliness, Green Space & Mental Health. Environment and Behavior. 51(2), 144–166


Presenter Tashi Dendup. Chair Edi Putra. Paper: Hoenink et al. 2019. Focus: Neighbourhoods & Weight Status. Obes Facts. 12, 14-24

25.05.2020 Presenter Selin Akaraci. Chair Tashi Dendup. Paper: Rugel et al. 2019. Focus: Nature, community & mental health. Environmental Research. 171, 365-377.

18 May 2020 Presenter Shumirai Mushangwe, Chair Selin Akaraci.
Online Journal Club

Hyam R (2020) Greenness, mortality and mental health prescription rates in urban Scotland - a population level, observational study. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e53542.

11 May 2020 Presenter Eme John, Chair Shumirai Mushangwe.
Online Journal Club

Leanne Martin, Mathew P. White, Anne Hunt, Miles Richardson, Sabine Pahl, Jim Burt. Nature contact, nature connectedness and associations with health, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviours. Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 68, 2020. 101389, ISSN 0272-4944,

4 May 2020

Presenter Edi Putra, Chair Eme John.

Online Journal Club

Malin Eriksson, Urban Lindgren, Anneli Ivarsson, Nawi Ng. The effect of neighbourhood social capital on child injuries: A gender-stratified analysis. Health & Place. Volume 60, 2019, 102205.

22 April 2020

Presenter Tashi Dendup, Chair Edi Putra

Online Journal Club

Jennifer L. Kent, Liang Ma & Corinne Mulley (2017) The objective and perceived built environment: What matters for happiness? Cities & Health, 1:1, 59-71, DOI: 10.1080/23748834.2017.1371456

15 April 2020

Presenter Shumirai Mushangwe, Chair Tashi Dendup.
Online Journal Club

Kevin Lanza, Brian Stone, Regine Haardörfer. How race, ethnicity, and income moderate the relationship between urban vegetation and physical activity in the United States. Preventive Medicine, Volume 121, 2019, Pages 55-61, ISSN 0091-7435.

8 April 2020

Presenter Selin Akaraci, Chair Shumirai Mushangwe

Online Journal Club

Geoffrey H. Donovan, Demetrios Gatziolis, Kristen Jakstis, Saskia Comess. The natural environment and birth outcomes: Comparting 3D exposure metrics derived from LiDAR to 2D metrics based on the normalized difference vegetation index. Health & Place, Volume 57, 2019, Pages 305-312, ISSN 1353-8292.

1 April 2020

Presenter Eme John, Chair Selin Akaraci

Online Journal Club

Lin BB, Fuller RA, Bush R, Gaston KJ, Shanahan DF (2014) Opportunity or Orientation? Who Uses Urban Parks and Why. PLoS ONE 9(1): e87422. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0087422

4 November 2019

Tashi Dendup

Author in the Room: Tashi Dendup discussed his paper “Perceived built environment and type 2 diabetes incidence: Exploring potential mediating pathways through physical and mental health, and behavioural factors in a longitudinal study”

16 September 2019

Edi Putra

Schwartz AJ, Dodds PS, O'Neil‐Dunne JPM, Danforth CM, Ricketts TH. Visitors to urban greenspace have higher sentiment and lower negativity on Twitter. People Nat. 2019;00:1–10.

19 August 2019

Selin Akaraci

Edyta Łaszkiewicz, Jakub Kronenberg, Szymon Marcińczak. Attached to or bound to a place? The impact of green space availability on residential duration: The environmental justice perspective. Ecosystem Services, Volume 30, Part B, 2018, Pages 309-317. ISSN 2212-0416.

15 July 2019

Faysal Shuvo

Laatikainen, Tiina & Hasanzadeh, Kamyar & Kyttä, Marketta. (2018). Capturing exposure in environmental health research: Challenges and opportunities of different activity space models. International Journal of Health Geographics. 17. 10.1186/s12942-018-0149-5.

17 June 2019

Shumirai Mushangwe

Åsa Persson, Jette Möller, Karin Engström, Mare Lõhmus Sundström, Carla F.J. Nooijen. Is moving to a greener or less green area followed by changes in physical activity? Health & Place, Volume 57, 2019, Pages 165-170, ISSN 1353-8292,

7 May 2018

Jiangmei Liu

Spatiotemporal variation and social determinants of road traffic mortality in China, 2006-2015. A reflection of Jiangmei’s research studies in this area.

30 April 2018

Aimee Marchesi, Elyse Kambisios and Krystian Stergiou

PowerLab’s three honours students practice their final presentations in preparation for the submission of their Honours Thesis.

26th April 2018

“Author in the room” Special guest Dr Sjerp de Vries

Ekkel, E. D., & de Vries, S. (2017). Nearby green space and human health: Evaluating accessibility metrics. Landscape and Urban Planning, 157, 214-220.

29th March 2018

Faysal Shuvo and Aimee Marchesi

Nicole Edwards a,*, Paula Hooper a, Georgina S.A. Trapp a, Fiona Bull a, Bryan Boruff b, Billie Giles-Corti. Development of a Public Open Space Desktop Auditing Tool (POSDAT): A remote sensing approach

14th February 2018
Selin Akaraci and Elyse Kambisios

Dong-Wook Sohn. Residential crimes and neighbourhood built environment: Assessing the effectiveness of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). Cities, Volume 52, 2016. Pages 86-93. ISSN 0264-2751.

23 January 2018

Mao Fan & Yunning Liu

Mao Fan and Yunning Liu reflet on their time in Australia while completing an internship at PowerLab. Their time here has been spent in individual research programs.

7 August 2017

Special guest Professor Terry Hartig

“Mediation analysis: Some basic concepts, models and resources”. It was an honour to host Professor Hartig in the PowerLab Journal Club. His presence led to a vibrant discussion on the topic.

7 June 2017

Dr AHM Mehbub Anwar

“Explaining Fixed Effects: Random Effects Modelling of Time-Series Cross-Sectional and Panel Data”.

8 May 2017

Dr Sonam Jamtsho

“An enhanced two-step floating catchment area (E2SFCA ) method for measuring spatial accessibility to primary care physicians".