19.06.2024 Publication for Professor Feng.

Aminpour F, Feng X, Mularczyk L, Pettit C. Sharing public open spaces with local schools: A stakeholder-based analysis of governance issues. July 2024. Cities. 150, 105007. 

14.06.2024 Professor Astell-Burt comments “A pleasure to contribute to this consequential area of research 🙏

Evidence indicates that #Gardening is beneficial for our #health. Yet we (re)design #cities increasingly absent of opportunities to garden.

Our thoughts on changing the status quo in Croakey Health Media, led by Dr Jonathan Kingsley

Read the article here. 

05.06.2024 On  #WorldEnvironmentDay Professor Xiaoqi Feng hosted Professor Graham Cousens and students from Drew University at UNSW School of #PopulationHealth to discuss  #BuiltEnvironment, #nature and #health

05.06.2024 Professor Astell-Burt celebrates UN World Environment Day and the recent #PANDATrial Co-Design workshop.

04.06.2024 Professor Astell-Burt is looking forward to speaking at the #ASPIRE conference, #EACH24, June 25-27, 2024 

31.05.2024  Professor Xiaoqi Feng meets the Addi Moves Program team led by Simon Rosenbaum at the Addison Road Community Centre, #Marrickville and presented her research on #nature and #health

29.05.2024 Professor Astell-Burt was honored to be selected to give the 8th Annual #Biodiversity Lecture for The Glebe Society.  

18.05.2024 The Lancet publication for Professor Feng and Professor Astell-Burt.

Vollset SE, Ababneh HS,  ... Astell-Burt T, Feng X, et al. Burden of disease scenarios for 204 countries and territories, 2022–2050: a forecasting analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021. The Lancet.  May 2024 18;403 (10440), 2204-56.  

18.05.2024 The Lancet publication for Professor Feng and Professor Astell-Burt.

Brauer M, Roth GA, ... Astell-Burt T, Feng X, et al. Global burden and strength of evidence for 88 risk factors in 204 countries and 811 subnational locations, 1990–2021: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021. The Lancet. May 2024.18;403(10440), 2162-203. 

17.05.2024 Professor Astell-Burt presents in Webinar “Environmental Determinants of Health: From Earth to Health”


The webinar explored the direct and indirect health effects of climate change and the major role clinician-researchers play in shaping health outcomes that are influenced by environmental shifts.

Watch the webinar on our Videos and Audio page

14.05.2024 Publication for PowerLab Co-Directors and staff.

Astell-Burt, T., Navakatikyan, M., White, M. P., & Feng, X. (2024). Exploring autonomous and controlled motivations for nature contact to maximise health benefits. People and Nature, 6, 1155–1170. 

02.05.2024  Professor Xiaoqi Feng thanks Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and Simon Rosenbaum for inviting her to talk at the 2024 Research to Practice Conference - International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney)
Xiao shared findings from her research program and discussed new potential projects in her nature  prescriptions research program.

image credit LinkedIn 

03.2024 Publication for PowerLab Co-Directors, staff and colleague. 

Show me the money! Associations between tree canopy and hospital costs in cities for cardiovascular disease events in a longitudinal cohort study of 110,134 participants. By Xiaoqi Feng, Michael Navakatikyan, Simon Eckermann, Thomas Astell-Burt. Environment International, Volume 185, 108558.

06.05.2024  PANDA Trial  Co-Design Workshop participants

06.05.2024 PANDA Trial Co-Design Workshop was held at University of Sydney with PANDA Investigators, Consumer representatives and guests. 

03.2024 Professor Xiaoqi Feng was Chair in the Capacity Building and Education Committee's ( online course: Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology.

The course featured Associate Professor Kosuke Inoue from the Department of Social Epidemiology, Graduate School of Medicine and School of Public Health at Kyoto University

image credit LinkedIn 

10.01.2024 Professor Thomas Astell-Burt takes up new position as Professor of Cities and Planetary Health , The University of Sydney, School of Architecture, Design and Planning. 

image credit USYD


17.11.2023 Professor Astell-Burt has ranked #1 in the Clarivate Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Each researcher selected has authored multiple Highly Cited Papers™ which rank in the top 1% by citations for their field(s) and publication year in the Web of Science™ over the past decade. 

03.11.2023 UNSW Medicine and Health are pleased to share that Professor Xiaoqi Feng @UrbanFeng is the new chair of the @UNSW  Medicine & Health Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee (MHEDIC). 

06.08.2023 Professor Astell-Burt speaks on MPAVILLION MTalks. “MTalks—Putting down roots: How green spaces can counter loneliness” can be listened to here.

27.07.2023 City of Sydney News feature research from Professor Thomas Astell-Burt. The article discusses the many benefits of urban forests, planting street trees in the city of Sydney and how Thomas’ research has found “One in 3 adults spends less than 2 hours a week in nature, missing out on many health benefits. But 82% would accept a nature prescription from a health professional, so protecting and restoring tree canopy in our streets and parks is crucial to give everyone the opportunity to reconnect with nature.”

19.07.2023 Professor Thomas Astell-Burt gives presentation at Australian Social Prescribing Institute of Research and Education (ASPIRE) 2023 EACH Conference on Queensland’s Gold Coast.


Thomas’ message: optimise #health benefits of #nature and #socialprescriptions with high quality #greenspace

*Image credit ASPIRE 

18.07.2023 UNSW Medicine and Health Tweet highlights Professor Feng and Professor Astell-Burt’s feature on 7WEEKENDER tv segment

14.07.2023 Professor Feng presents at @UnswWater @LSHTM & Resilience Centre Kenya & @NorthwesternU webinar.

Professor Feng presented her research on #naturebasedsolutions for #HealthEquity at the roundtable discussion on #waterinsecurity #climatechange & #mentalhealth. 

11.07.2023 Professor Astell-Burt presents invited Keynote and panel discussion at the UN FAO 2nd World Forum on Urban Forests Pre-Forum Webinar on Health and Green Spaces.

Thomas provided an overview of his latest research on the links between green spaces and human health. This was followed by a panel discussion between Thomas and two of his international research collaborators A/Prof Deepti Adlakha and Dr Ana Isabel Ribeiro plus Greg Vann.

Watch the webinar here.

01.07.2023 New publication for PowerLab Co-Directors and team members in the impactful journal ‘The Lancet’.

View the article “Nature prescriptions should address motivations and barriers to be effective, equitable, and sustainable.

30.06.2023 Professor Astell-Burt has been invited to present a keynote at the upcoming 2nd World Forum on Urban Forests Pre-Forum Webinar on Health and Green Spaces, where he will provide an overview of his latest research on the links between green spaces and human health. A panel discussion will follow the keynote.

22.06.2023 New publication for Professor Feng and Astell-Burt in the prestigous Journal The Lancet. Publication titled "Global, regional, and national burden of diabetes from 1990 to 2021, with projections of prevalence to 2050: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021"

15.06.2023 Professor Astell-Burt is delighted to be an invited member of the International Expert Advisory Board for €6.3M @HorizonEU and @UKRI_News RESONATE project with 14 partners across Europe, led by Prof Mat White @univienna to define the effectiveness of nature-based therapy.

Further infomation

14.06.2023 New publication for Professor Feng and Astell-Burt in Sustainability. Publication titled "Towards Key Principles for the Design and Implementation of Nature Prescription Programs."

09.06.2023 Professor Astell-Burt gives a talk for the @NSWDPE Community of Practice.  

Professor Astell-Burt’s message: #MoreGreenTimeLessScreenTime 

01.06.2023 Professor Feng presents at @ccrc_unsw @ClimateExtremes Climate Change Research Centre Seminar Series.

31.05.2023 Professor Feng is profiled by Visible Women

Profile: Meet @UrbanFeng expert in the intersection of green space & health. Here, she shares her journey as a 1st-generation Chinese immigrant to Australia, the challenges faced & her efforts to support women & culturally diverse in higher education.

Read more here

26.05.2023 Professor Astell-Burt announces PhD opportunity at UOW.

#Loneliness is common but it need not be. Let's find effective, durable, and equitable solutions together Join me as a #PhD student on full 3-year scholarship @UOW @UOWASSH #Australia with

Express interest by 11/06/23 

23.05.2023 Professor Feng is featured by Visible Women. Professor Feng comments “"I’d also like to see more culturally diverse female executive members of university leadership teams. [W]e need to provide support & mentorship to high-performing researchers & help them rise to the top, especially culturally diverse women” 

18.05.2023 Professor Feng is invited speaker at #UNGRSW 7th UN Global Road Safety Week. The online panel discussed modal shift to safe and sustainable transport in Australia - and more –  

11.05.2023 PhD Opportunities are available with PowerLab. 

Register your interest in studying a PhD with PowerLab and we will contact you with more information about what Phd's are available. 

Register here!

27.04.2023 Professor Feng is Looking forward to the discussions in an upcoming webinar #nature #builtenvironment #health.


Have you ever wondered how your home, office or city could affect your health? In this free webinar on Wednesday 17 May, learn about the impact of the natural and built environment on our health, development, and wellbeing.

19.04.2023 ABC Radio National interview “Spending more time in nature, on doctor's orders” with Professor Xiaoqi Feng on ‘Life Matters’ program. The presenter is Hilary Harper.


The interview is also available on our Videos & Audio page.

10.04.2023 The Sydney Morning Herald features Professor Xiaoqi Feng in article “Is it time for your doctor to give you a ‘nature prescription’?” By Sarah Berry

17.04.2023 Professors Astell-Burt is happy to be ranked #1 of 10,427 globally for research output on  Recreational Parks, #greenspace, #parks and #publichealth spanning 2013-2023 by @expertscapenews. Professor Feng also features highly on the list. Congratulations to both!

10.04.2023 Professor Feng appears on Channel 10’s The Project discussing Nature Prescriptions and the PANDA Trial.

Watch here.


The clip is available to watch on our Videos & Audio page

10.04.2023 ABC Radio Drive with Mary Gearin and  Professor Feng - Discussing Nature Prescriptions and the PANDA Trial 

The interview is available to listen to on our Videos & Audio page 

04.04.2023 The Guardian article “Prescribed time in nature linked to improvements in anxiety, depression and blood pressure” featuring the PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions by Prof Feng & Prof Astell-Burt. 

04.04.2023 The Canberra Times article features Prof Feng & Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions “'Nature prescriptions' improve patient health: study” 

04.04.2023 The Illawarra Mercury article features Prof Feng & Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions “'Nature prescriptions' improve patient health: study” 

04.04.2023 The Illawarra Mercury article features Prof Feng & Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions “Prescription to spend time in nature may improve diabetes, heart disease: UOW study” 

04.04.2023 1news TVNZ features the article “Take a walk not a pill - nature prescriptions on the rise” featuring Prof Feng and Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions 

04.04.2023 1news TVNZ features the video presentation “Take a walk not a pill - nature prescriptions on the rise” featuring Prof Feng and Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions.

 Watch the video clip on our Videos & Audio page.

04.04.2023 International Business Times article features Prof Feng & Prof Astell-Burt’s PANDA Trial and Nature Prescriptions “Nature Prescription Benefits Both Mental And Physical Health, Study Finds” 

Article 1 & Article 2

31.03.2023 Professor Astell-Burt is really happy to have mentored @bekkmiddle on a new paper and very excited about future collaborations on #nursing #health and #naturebasedsolutions #ThisIsUOW

@UOW @uowresearch #mentorship 

30.03.2023 New Report featuring Professors Feng, Professor Astell-Burt and international colleagues. Forests and Trees for Human Health: Pathways, Impacts, Challenges and Response Options. A Global Assessment Report.


Professor Feng and Professor Astell-Burt’s contributions can be found in Chapters 2 & 3. 

25.03.2023 Professors Feng and Astell-Burt were interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘The Age’. The interview titled ‘A nature prescription could be just what the doctor ordered’ covers the announcement of, and plans for, the PANDA Trial.

16.03.2023 Introducing the PANDA Trial! #PANDAtrial

Professor Astell-Burt and Professor Feng announce the PANDA Trial which has been awarded $1.5M funding from the NHMRC MRFF grant scheme.


The trial will study the effect of Physical Activity in #Nature for cardiometabolic Diseases in people Aged 45y+


The media release can be found here and project details on the PANDA Trial page on our website.

10.03.2023 New publication for PowerLab Co-Directors. “Nature experience from yards provide an important space for mental health during Covid-19.: npj Urban Sustain 3, 14 (10 March 2023).

08.03.2023 Watch the VIDEO of Professor Feng’s interview on the APAC Network. In the interview “How cities affect our health” Professor Feng discusses how her research proves that not only is exposure to nature good for us, not having enough green space in urban environments is actually detrimental to our health.

08.03.2023 Professor Feng is profiled by UNSW Medicine & Health  @UNSWMedicine for 2023 International Womens Day.

02.03.2023 New publication for Professor Feng. “Cross-sectional survey of a convenience sample of Australians who use alcohol home delivery services.” Drug Alcohol Rev. 2023.

02.03.2023 New publication for Professor Astell-Burt and PowerLab PhD candidate Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz. “Diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic: are people getting access to the right level of care?.” BMC Health Serv Res 23, 167.

28.02.2023 Professor Feng reflects on seeing her research with Professor Astell-Burt and how it is influencing policy in  @Committee4Syd's Nature Positive report.

As the report says: "#Nature is a key part of our connected #city systems".

See link for full article

28.02.2023 Professor Feng is looking forward to celebrating Parks Week on 4-6 March, in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and SA, organised by @heartfoundation.

The benefits of greener communities on heart health can be read about in her paper “Leafier Communities, Healthier Hearts: An Australian Cohort Study of 104,725 Adults Tracking Cardiovascular Events and Mortality Across 10 Years of Linked Health Data”

28.02.2023 PowerLab Phd candidate Eme John has taken on the new role of Data Analyst – Epidemiology and Analysis in the Epidemiology and Data Systems Branch of Health Protection, NSW Health.

Eme is glad that using the training he receives at PowerLab can contribute to the achievement of the goals of NSW Health.

Eme will continue his Phd Studies while in this exciting new role. Congratulations Eme!

19.02.2023 Professor Astell-Burt comments how he is delighted that “@cityofsydney used research by Professor Feng @UrbanFeng and himself to develop the groundbreaking urban forest strategy. #trees are so  consequential for public health, now and for generations to come @UOW @UNSW

25.01.2023 Professor Astell-Burt is pleased to have been invited to contribute to this international report on #trees and #health led by @AnUrbanForester  and with stellar researchers around the world

20.01.2023 Professor Feng speaks with James Valentine on ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast with James Valentine. Listen to the interview on our Videos & Audio page

18.01.2023 'Healthier hearts' for city dwellers who live closer to #trees. Professor Astell-Burt thanks @SBSNews  for covering the paper on trees and heart health, co-authored with Professor Feng.

10.01.2023 Professor Feng and Professor Astell-Burt’s research is featured in this UNSW Newsroom article “Leafier communities, healthier hearts: study”

12.01.2023 Professor Feng talks about her research and latest publications in an interview with Eastside Radio 89.7FM.
Listen to the interview on our Videos & Audio page

02.01.2023 Thomas comments on new publication with Xiaoqi and international colleagues. The study shows >80% Australian adults interested in #nature prescriptions for #health 

23.12.2022 PowerLab Co-Directors research features in The Canberra Times commentary by Jenna Price “More people are feeling lonely and it might be because of the cities we build” 

21.12.2022 New publication for Prof’s Feng & Astell-Burt: What types of green space disrupt a lonelygenic environment? A cohort study

16.12.2022 Prof Feng receives Heroes Award for her part in the UNSW Medicine Faculty Elevate Team. 

This award recognises individuals and teams who have supported students or colleagues during the year in unexpected or exceptional ways through their generosity and kindness.

05.12.2022 Xiao is promoted to Professor of Urban Health and Environment, UNSW School of Population Health.

 Congratulations Xiao on achieving this milestone in your career! 

09.12.2022 PowerLab co-directors Prof Xiaoqi Feng and Prof Thomas Astell-Burt publish a commentary in the prestigious “The Lancet Planetary Health”.

The paper “Lonelygenic environments: a call for research on multilevel determinants of loneliness” discusses the loneliness found across our communities and the factors which may influence it. From social media, stigma, physical and mental health, transport and loss of tree canopy and recreational green space.


Prof Astell-Burt and Prof Feng call for research to establish a foundation of evidence that measures lonelygenic environments, which could vary from place to place, and to integrate that evidence into optimising loneliness reduction strategies that work for everyone.

27.11.2022 Thomas’ greenspace and loneliness conceptual model is making a mark through @EndLonelinessUK's report on Built Environment 

24.11.2022 Shumi Mushangwe, PowerLab PhD candidate, presents at the HAS Inaugural Annual HDR Student Conference.  Shumi presented her published paper titled "Ethnic inequalities in green space availability: Evidence from Australia." 

24.11.2022 Eme John, PowerLab PhD candidate, presents at the HAS Inaugural Annual HDR Student Conference. Eme presented his recently published paper titled “Green space and inequities in healthy ageing: are grasses greener on the socioeconomically advantages side?” 

16.11.2022 Time to celebrate! One million trees planted as part of the Greening our City Premier's Priority featuring PowerLab research.

We recognise that findings on #greenspace and #health will have long-lasting Research Impact. 

07.10.2022 New publication for A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng, Prof Thomas Astell-Burt and PowerLab colleagues.

Have Deaths of Despair Risen during the COVID-19 Pandemic? A Systematic Review. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 

09.11.2022 PowerLab Co-Director Professor Thomas Astell-Burt has been named as the best in Australia from 14 fields of research in The Australian newspaper’s annual list highlighting Australian research excellence.

Thomas was recognised in the Australian Research 2023 Magazine as the top researcher in two fields, environmental and occupational medicine, and toxicology.
Congratulations Thomas! 

07.11.2022 Professor Astell-Burt reflects that across 2022 it’s been an honour for him to collaborate on a #loneliness report with so many influential Australians in The Groundswell Foundation Reference Group & @kpmgaustralia, consummately led by @mblake_iHelm.

The report can be found here

07.11.2022 To mark mental health awareness month, Prof Thomas Astell-Burt in conjunction with the University of Wollongong (UOW) hosted a symposium on a pressing issue affecting more than one in four Australians – loneliness.

Reducing Loneliness Together  brought together academics, representatives of patients, carers and their families, and experts across the health, urban planning and greening sectors, all committed to working towards identifying potentially effective and equitable solutions to loneliness. 

The full event wrap up can be read here 

03.11.2022 Prof Astell-Burt and reference group colleagues release Gourndswell Foundation report "Connections Matter: A report on the impacts of loneliness in Australia" 

The report can be found here

07.10.2022 Reducing Loneliness  Together. Effective Scalable Solutions For Everyone. Workshop open to UOW Staff & PhD Students. 

Reducing Loneliness Together will feature a range of speakers with diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise who, through a process of sharing discoveries and discussing ideas, will work towards identifying potentially effective and equitable solutions to loneliness. 

Speakers so far include Professor Patricia M. Davidson Vice-Chancellor UOW,  Professor David Currow Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Health and Sustainable Futures) UOW, Professor Thomas Astell-Burt Professor, UOW and Founding Co-Director of PowerLab, Dr Summer Finlay, Senior Lecturer UOW, Martin Blake Chair, Groundswell Foundation,  Nieves Murray CEO, Suicide Prevention Australia, Dr Caroline Butler-Bowdon Executive Director, Cities Revitalisation and Place, Transport for NSW, Phil Pettitt Community Greening Manager, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, Catherine Lourey Commissioner, NSW Mental Health Commission & Dr Anthony Brown Executive Director Health Consumers NSW.

03.11.2022 Dr Faysal Kabir Shuvo celebrated his PhD graduation with family and friends at UOW Campus. Congratulations to Faysal on this special occasion! 

07.09.2022 New publication for PowerLab PhD graduate Dr Selin Akaraci and PowerLab Co-Directors A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng & Prof Astell-Burt T: Associations between green space, air pollution and birthweight in Sydney Metropolitan Area, Australia. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. 76, 127726.

23.08.2022 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed on ABC Perth Radio. The interview will be available shortly on the Videos & Audio page 

18.08.2022 A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng is interviewed on Radio Adelaide. The interview will be available shortly on the Videos & Audio page 

17.08.2022 New publication in The Conversation for PowerLab Co-Directors. Co-Authored by A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng & Prof Thomas Astell-Burt, discussing how quality green spaces offer a solution to loneliness. 

02.08.2022 New PowerLab publication: Astell-Burt T, Hartig T, Putra IG, Walsan R, Dendup T, Feng X. Green space and loneliness: a systematic review with theoretical and methodological guidance for future research. Science of The Total Environment. 

PowerLab 5 Year & 2021 Annual Report now available on our NEWSLETTERS page!

27.07.2022 PowerLab Co-Director A/P Xiaoqi Feng invitated to be a speaker in October at Bloomberg CityLab 2022 global cities summit.

Speakers bio can be found on the event website  

18.07.2022 A/P Xiaoqi Feng features in an interview with Inner West Connections about “Callan Park - the green asylum”.

Listen to or read the article. Xiao features from 00:23:50min. 

 01.07.2022 Dr I Gusti Ngurah Edi Putra – PowerLab Graduate – is awarded Best Oral Presentation and Young Investigator Award at the recent ISEE-AWPC & ISES-AC Joint Conference 2022 Awards. Congratulations Edi!

01.07.2022 Thomas presents at Connect & Share #102 hosted by Outdoors NSW & ACT. 

Watch on our VIDEOS page

08.06.22 PowerLab Co-Directors invited by @SydneyLHD  to give a webinar on  Geomapping in #publichealth. 

Slides available in our Resources

30.05.2022 A/Prof Feng hosts ISEE AWPC webinar with Prof Haidong Kan of FuDan University. Prof Kan spoke about his career and new research on airpollution & health. Watch on ISEE Global Education Channel

06.04.2022 Congratulations to Dr Edi Putra of PowerLab, whose PhD on understanding the association between neighbourhood green space quality and prosocial behaviour across childhood and adolescence was officially completed last week. Edi is now a postdoc at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

30.03.2022 Keynote presentation for Prof Astell-Burt at 2022 titled "Prescribe nature for community and planetary health". 2022 is powered by Stormwater NSW. aims to facilitate sustainable development that is future focused, resilient, and adaptive through a networked community.

Thomas discussed his research in PowerLab on Big Data, environment and Public Health, especially greenspace & Environmental Justice and health projects.

Conference details can be found at

18.03.2022 In acknowledgement of #worldsleepday2022 ‘More trees🌳better sleep s💤 healthier planet🌏’ @ConversationEDU:  article Prof written by Prof Astell-Burt & A/Prof Feng for #WorldSleepDay 

28.10.2021 PowerLab celebrates World Cities Day on 31 October 2021. Our PowerCard on Urban green space and health aligns with this year’s theme of: Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience. Read More here: Link to article 

28.10.2021 NSW DPIE Valuing Green Infrastructure & Public Spaces high-level discussion on challenges of valuing green infrastructure and open spaces, with Prof Thomas Astell-Burt. View twitter details here and here. View event summary here

26.10.2021 Prof Astell-Burt features as Keynote at the UN/FAO’s 3rd Asia Pacific Urban Forestry Meeting ‘Healthy Cities’ panel, also featuring PowerLab’s A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng. View Twitter details here. View event summary here.

27.10.2021 Congratulations to PowerLab graduate Dr Tashi Dendup on his new role as Senior Health Program Manager with Save the Children Country Office, Bhutan. Best wishes Dr Dendup! 

17.09.2021 Congratulations to Prof Thomas Astell-Burt, who was part of a UOW Major Equipment Grant awarded $74,405, led by Senior Prof Tony Okely

16.09.2021 PowerLab
Co-Directors A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng and Prof Thomas Astell-Burt make invited presentations with the Greater Sydney Landcare Network. Watch the video

12.09.2021. It’s Dementia Action Week from 20-26 September 2021. Here is how PowerLab’s research is helping to take action! See our PowerGraphic on Dementia

25.11.2020 Successful research proposal review by PhD Candidate Jiangmei Liu

25.11.2020 PowerLab members share joyful news at HAS school meeting. We shared things that have bought us joy in a tough year. We spoke of food, pets, family and most importantly, our support for each other 

22.07.2020 PhD candidate Edi participated in the 3MT – UOW’s Three Minute Thesis Competition. His presentation was titled "Can nature help children to be kind?" 

14.05.2020 PhD candidate Tashi Dendup presents virtually at Preventive Health Conference (PHAA). Presentation titled: Built environment and diabetes incidence: Exploring potential mediating pathways in a longitudinal study

03.03.2020 PhD Candidate Faysal Shuvo successfully completed his Phd  candidature, entitled  "Green space provision, quality and use in diverse international settings"

18.11.2019 POWERTALK: Prof Terry Hartig, Uppsala University, Sweden, presents on 18 November 2019 

10.2019 Prof Thomas Astell-Burt and A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng visit Peking Union Medical College

09.10.2019 POWERTALK: Dr May El Barachi, on 9 October 2019 

28.08.2019 PowerFest’19

19.08.2019 PhD candidate Eme John joins PowerLab 

19.07.2019 Thomas Astell-Burt becomes an IHMRI panel representative on IHMRI's new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee

15.07.2019 PhD Candidate Edi Putra joins PowerLab 

31.05.2019 Professor Thomas Astell-Burt presents at ISGLOBAL Barcelona, Spain

29.04.2019 PowerLab welcomes research Assistant Phil Kosiak 

24.04.2019 PowerLab Co-Directors and PhD candidates present at the School of Health and Society Research Seminar 

29.05.2019 Thomas, Xiaoqi and Glenn (Faculty Exec Dean) visit UCL UK 

14.02.2021 POWERTALK: Professor Anne McMunn, UCL UK, February 2019

11.02.2019 POWERTALK: Professor Angie Wade,  UCL UK, February 2019

25.02.2019 Xiaoqi Feng celebrating female researchers at IHMRI event with Dame Bridget Ogilvie 

09.01.2019 PhD BLOG feature

5.12.2018 PowerLab Office moves to the Innovation Campus

22.11.2018 Kidsafe Keynote presented by A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng in Sydney

15.11.2018 Dr Sarah Foster & Dr Paula Hooper present PowerTalk: The HIGH LIFE

12.11.2018 New Staff member Walt Davis joins Powerlab

30.10.2018 Dr Iain Butterworth gives PowerTalk  

23.08.2018 Xiaoqi Feng presents AHPA Symposium Keynote at Old Parliament House, Canberra

23.07.2018 The PowerLab has welcomed PhD candidate Shumirai Mushangwe.

08.06.2018 PowerLab PhD candidate Tashi Dendup had great success and received a “Highly Commended” award in the Faculty of Social Sciences heat of the ‘3 Minute Thesis’ competition!

 2&3 .05.2018 Professor Gavin Turrell visited UOW & presented the  PowerTalk seminar & PowerUp workshop

01.05.2018 The PowerLab has welcomed PhD candidate Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz

26 & 27.04 2018 PowerTalk with Dr Sjerp de Vries 

25.04.2018 Thomas is appointed an Adjunct Professor in Population Health and Environment at the School of Public Health in Peking Union Medical College, the top medical school in China. Thomas’ appointment recognises his research and capacity building in epidemiology and environmental health in China.

13.12.2017 We made food and had fun at the annual end of year party to celebrate a very fine first year of PowerLab

10.11.2017 Dr Xiaoqi Feng was awarded a second research fellowship of 2017. This time it was the Australian Research Council for the 2018 Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA), worth $319,996, also for research on child health and environment 

23.11.2017 - 18.01.2018 Visiting Associate Fellows from China CDC

08.11.2017 PowerTalk Honorary Professor Bin Jalaludin 

03.11.2017 National Urban Greening Research Forum hosted by PowerLab Directors

11.10.2017 Co-Director Xiaoqi Feng was awarded a four-year, $431,000 NHMRC Career Development Fellowship 

29.09. 2017 Dr Iana Markevych’s visit to PowerLab for research collaborations. 

21.09.2017 PowerTalk Dr Danelle Lobdell

15.09.2017 HORT Innovation collaboration with PowerLab 

17-15.08.2017 PowerTalk Visiting International Scholar Awardee Professor Terry Hartig visits PowerLab

07.08.2017 Co-Director Thomas Astell-Burt was awarded $719,840 for an NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Leader Fellowship 

05.08.2017 PowerLab teamed up with NIASRA to provide PowerTools workshops on multilevel modelling in the social sciences. The focus was on capacity building among PhD students and Early Career Researchers 

05.07.2017 Co-Director Xiaoqi Feng received the UOW Vice Chancellor’s award for Emerging Researcher of the year 

1-2.05. 2017 Associate Professors David Reif and Jane Hoppin visit PowerLab for PowerTalk and research collaboration 

02.05.2017 Associate Professor Thomas Astell-Burt and Dr Xiaoqi Feng were part of the winning team – Western Sydney Diabetes – who were awarded both the Award for Productive Partnerships and the Pemulwuy Prize at the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue’s “Out There Summit”. 

14.03.2017 PowerTalk with Long-term collaborator Professor Billie Giles-Corti 

05.06.2017 Research collaborator Professor Susan Thompson of UNSW City Futures Research Centre visited PowerLab to give a PowerTalk 

05.07.2016 Dr Xiaoqi Feng named one of UOW's Women of Impact

05.07.2016 Associate Professor Thomas Astell-Burt and Dr Xiaoqi Feng were awarded the UOW Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Research Partnership, with Professor Glen Maberly and the Western Sydney Diabetes Leadership Alliance