PowerLab graduations 2018

The April 2018 Graduations saw four students of PowerLab Graduate. 

Grace graduated with Honours from PowerLab. Elyse, Aimee and Krystian graduated from their Bachelor of Public Health. All three students have completed undergraduate internships with PowerLab and have chosen to stay on in PowerLab and complete their Honours.

Elyse Kambisios; Grace Norton; Krystian Stergiou; Aimee Marchesi.

Honours student Testimonial: Krystian Stergiou

What research did you do while you were in PowerLab?
Air pollution in urban areas and the effects of green spaces as well as the effect of air pollution on park use.

When did you graduate? 2018

What was your involvement with PowerLab? eg. Role, how long you were involved with PowerLab.
I held multiple roles with the PowerLab. I began as a volunteer, then completed my work experience for my degree, my honours thesis and completed a role as a data collection assistant. My total involvement with the PowerLab was approximately 1 year and 4 months.

What were your experiences like while you were in PowerLab eg Roles, activities?
My experiences were great whilst working with the PowerLab. I was able to develop many skills within the laboratory. I was given a lot of support from my supervisors Prof Thomas Astell-Burt and A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng as well as the PhD students and Project Officer Tamara.

What motivated you to get involved with PowerLab (career aspirations?)
I first met A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng, while involved with some data collection work for her. I then attended one of the PowerTalks as I was attempting to network with professionals within the field of Public Health, as I was reaching the end of my degree and wanted more relevant work experience. I asked A/Prof Xiaoqi Feng if there was any work she would need help with and this is where I completed some voluntary work. I was not originally looking to complete a thesis, but when the opportunity arose with the PowerLab I took it.

What have you been doing since leaving PowerLab?
Since leaving the PowerLab I was given an opportunity within a company that completes bowel screening tests. It was a beginning position completing data entry, administrative duties as well as laboratory testing of bowel screening test kits.

How did you come about this opportunity?
I was applying for many positions and was looking for something to complete while finding my ideal job.

How did your experience at PowerLab help prepare for this next step in your career?
My experience within the PowerLab has not assisted me within my previous position, however it has provided me with the experience I will need within other positions that I would like to develop a career within.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to be in a full time position within the area of policy or research.

Would you have any tips for other students interested in Public Health?
My tip would be to find a good mentor like I did before the end of your degree and attempt to gain as much industry experience as possible.