Less Netflix, More Nature!

Project Synopsis:

Contact with green space (eg parks) improves health and pro-environmental behaviour. However, a lack of security and time means people in disadvantaged communities often miss out. Green social prescriptions (GSP) that empower all people with regular green space contact are essential to reduce health inequity and strengthen environmental sustainability. Yet, we lack crucial evidence on what GSPs are available, who participates, and how acceptable, accessible and affordable they are, thus hindering their impact.

We will collaborate with GSP providers to generate this foundational knowledge across contrasting cultural, economic and climatic contexts. Surveys will provide new data on demand for GSP, including data on preferential choices and willingness and ability to pay. Our research will provide practical guidance for future GSP trials, strengthen partnerships, and support a cadre of early career researchers and students.

Project Team:

Professor Thomas Astell-Burt, University of Wollongong (lead)

Professor Birgitta Gatersleben, University of Surrey

Associate Professor Aaron Hipp, North Carolina State University

Dr Katarzyna Olcoń, University of Wollongong

Dr Melissa Marselle, University of Surrey

A/Prof Deepti Adlakha, North Carolina State University

Professor Evangelos Pappas, University of Wollongong

Prof Xiaoqi Feng, University of New South Wales

Dr Michelle Kondo, United States Forest Service

Project Partners:

· University of Wollongong

· University of Surrey

· North Carolina State University

· University of New South Wales

· United States Forest Service

· NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

· Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

· Community Greening NSW

· Illawarra Community Mental Health

· NSW Refugee Health Service

· Healthy Cities Illawarra

· Surrey County Council and Surrey Heartlands Green Health and Wellbeing Network

· Kids In Parks (US)

· International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA)

· The Forest Bathing Institute

· Environmental Physiotherapy Association

Project Funding:

University Global Partnership Network (UGPN)