PowerOn'21 celebrates research achievements from PowerLab

PowerLab's Co-Directors Professor Thomas Astell-Burt and A/Professor Xiaoqi Feng gathered with PowerLab members on December 15 2021, to acknowledge and celebrate the team's research achievements and highlights of 2021.

PowerLab Co-Directors, staff, Phd graduates and current PhD candidates joined in from all over the globe, including Bhutan, China, Bali, Turkey and around Australia.

As reflected in our meeting theme of UN SDG Goal 17 "Partnerships for the Goals", each PowerLab member spoke of their national and international impact on research and how their research with PowerLab continues to bring meaningful change and health benefits to our communities.


  • PowerLab Co-Director Associate Professor Xiaoqi Feng

  • PowerLab Co-Director Professor Thomas Astell-Burt

  • Hania Rahimi Ardabili

  • Edi Putra

  • Jiangmei Liu

  • Eme John

  • Phi Yen Nguyen (Phoebe)

  • Dr Faysal Shuvo

  • Dr Ramya Walsan

  • Dr Michael Navakatikyan

  • Dr Selin Akaraci

  • Phil Kosiak

  • Shumi Mushangwe

  • Tamara Raso

  • Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz

  • Dr Tashi Dendup