PANDA Trial: Phase 1

PANDA Trial🌳 🏃
Physical Activity in Nature for Cardiometabolic Diseases in People Aged 45y+  

Are you interested in being involved in Phase 1 of the PANDA Trial?  

The PANDA Trial is a study designed to increase physical activity for people with cardiometabolic diseases aged 45y+ . Phase 1 of the Trial aims to co-design a nature prescription intervention tailored for communities representative of the Australian public. This phase will involve focus group interviews with members of the public and Health or Allied Practitioners.


To sign up or for further information about the study you can contact
the study team at
or Phone 02 9348 0786 


Prof Thomas Astell-Burt
School of Health and Society  

University of Wollongong 

Prof Xiaoqi Feng
School of Population Health 

UNSW Sydney

Dr Katarzyna Olcon  

School of Health and Society 

University of Wollongong   


A/Prof Rowena Ivers
Graduate School of Medicine  

University of Wollongong

Professor Lorna Moxham 

School of Nursing 

University of Wollongong 

Dr Melissa Lem 

BC Parks Foundation, Canada 

This study is approved by University of Wollongong HREC (2023/186)